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Art of Foley, Voice Recording, Re-Recording Mix, Sound Editing

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About Anja Ludwig

Sound designer | Germany

You really wanna know?!

Okay, you already know my name and my job. But there’s one thing I think you’d also appreciate understanding: Why I do what I do.

The sense of hearing is my favorite organ of perception. It doesn’t matter whether it’s awe-inspiring music, a detailed soundscape, or simply a beautiful voice. Elegance can be found in all these areas and more.

On the other hand, I love exploring the sheer endless possibilities in creating a sound. It starts with the material you hold in that hand, continues with microphone adjustments, and leads into editing that recorded audio. As you can see there are a lot of points of interaction influencing the sound. Also, in our digital era, new opportunities of designing sound in the DAW of your choice pop up every day.

I really appreciate working at a post-production facility. Here, I have the opportunity to do all types of audio production as well as audio post-production; be that voice recording, sound design, dialogue editing, foley artistry, field recording, or audio branding. I enjoy the challenge of it all!

For more info about me and my work, please drop me a note!

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Year Project name Client Role
2014 Dusky Paradise Kimotion Pictures Ltd. Sound Designer
2016 Occasus MANUSARTS GmbH Foley Artist, Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer
2016 Ostfriesisch für Anfänger C-FILMS DEUTSCHLAND GmbH Foley Artist, Sound Designer
2014 BABAI NiKo Film ADR Recordist, ADR Editor
2016 Bad Sheriff candy/diamonds/pills Boom Operator, Dialogue Editor, Sound Designer
2017 Werner Nekes – Der Wandler zwischen den Bildern Kinescope Filmproduktion GmbH Sound Designer
2016 Emily Andrea Christina Furrer Re-recording Mixer
2017 Über Leben in Demmin IT WORKS! Medien GmbH und IT WORKS! Film Dialogue Editor
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