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Game audio

Other skills

Mixing, field recording, environment design.

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About Ariel Star

Sound designer | Soundance Studio | Czech Republic

I have been engaged in music and sound for as long as I can remember. The field of sound has always attracted and amazed me – how it is formed and what are the elements which affect it, starting as a small child playing with household articles and progressing to creating sounds and effects on computers. The impact of sound on a game or in movies has always been exciting for me.
I feel privileged to participate in the process of creating and applying sound and letting my imagination create new realities in which anything is possible.

My understanding of the physics of sound and of the elements which affect and alter it allows me to overcome any obstacle standing in the way of my creation. Love for this field drives me to learn more and thus to enhance my creativity. I find myself able to create in both real and imaginary worlds, and to combine them. I am open to listen, to absorb feedback and to learn from others.
This helps me continue to develop. I am aware that there are always ways to improve my performance.

– Sound Effect Design (12 Years)
– Ambiance Design (7 Years)
– Dialog Editor (7 Years)
– Sound Designer (14 Years)
– Music Creation (18 Years)
– Sound Engineer (18 Years)
– Cubase (18 Years)
– Nuendo (12 Years)
– Pro Tools (1 Year)


Year School Course
1999 Hed college sound engineering
2001 Hed college music creation and sound design

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