Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Location sound recording, Field recording

Highlighted references

• Jhund, Directed by Nagraj Manjule
• Mard Ko Dard nahin hota
• Yadav Ji. Directed by Nishtha Sadwelkar, won the Silver Gateway Award at JioMami.

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About Arif Chagla

Sound designer | Freelancer | India

I like getting involved with the film, getting to know exactly what is on a director’s mind and how that can be applied sonically in the best interest of the film. A film is like an empty room with blank walls. Through sound editing we can add texture. Just as paintings, curtains, mirrors and carpets do, visually. Sound mixing decides the placement and colours that these objects occupy, how they relate to one and other, do they overlap, stand out or get obscured by something bigger. We decide how each object relates to the other and whether or not it is truly needed to serve to story, create massive cinematic moments, or close measured and extremely intimate cinema experiences. My job is to get a film sounding as thought provoking and gripping as the action on screen, sometimes beyond, and sometimes understated. Whatever serves the story. Whatever ‘pops’


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Yadav Ji Nishtha Sadwelkar Sound Editor and Mixer.
2018 Ghoul Netflix Additional Sound Effects
2017 Ruhaan Lekhaq Films Sound Designer
2019 Shikara Vinod Chopra Films Pvt. Ltd. Dialog Editor
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Year School Course
2015 Digital Academy – The Film School Sound Engineering and Recording
2014 Berklee College of Music(Coursera) Introduction to Music Production.
2021 AvidLearning PT210D Dolby Atmos

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