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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Game audio integration, Composing, Mixing and Mastering

Highlighted references

• Mistborn: Ashes Project
• Voicemod – Inferno
• Voicemod – Trauma Medic

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About Sergio Fuentes Vázquez

Sound designer | Spain

I am a young aspiring Sound Designer in the video game industry. After two years of working as a freelancer, producing music for individuals and collaborating on projects with Voicemod, I have decided to make the leap to the video game industry to further develop my career in the field of sound.

As a Sound Designer, I have experience in sound effects creation, audio design and sound mixing. In addition, I also have skills in music production and live audio recording. I love experimenting with new tools and technologies to find creative and effective solutions to the challenges presented in each project.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 Mistborn: Ashes Project Souls Forge Studios Sound designer, Composer, Game audio integration
2023 TTSing Voicemod S.L. Composer, Audio Engineer
2021 Inferno Voicemod S.L. Composer, Audio Engineer
2020 Trauma Medic Voicemod S.L. Composer, Audio Engineer


Year Award Awarded for
2022 @Aftertouch Audio Sept 19th Contest Second place, on best sound redesign
2022 @prosoundeffects Halloween Contestont Fourth place, on best sound design


Year School Course
2023 Adecco Videogame Programming, 3D Design and Virtual Reality
2021 Universitat de Barcelona Music for Videogames Bootcamp by ENTI
2018 Masterclass Deadmau5 Music Production Masterclass

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