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Game audio

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Game audio integration, composing, middleware, basic C#

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About Bas Bertrand

Sound designer | Sinusaur Game Audio | Netherlands

I’m Bas, and I love game audio. During my education at Music & Technology at the School of Arts in Utrecht (Netherlands) I learned all the crafty skills I need as a sound designer. But, more importantly, it thought me to participate and reflect on a conceptual level and work together in a team with game designers, film makers and even in theatre.

At the moment I’m part of the Sinusaur Game Audio team. Together with composers and other technical sound designers I worked on several projects for games, film, commercials and documentaries.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Itaï Maria van Veelen Sound Designer, Composer
2020 Planet Beat Diggit Sound Designer, Technical Sound Designer
2020 Setting Sail Imagine People Sound Designer
2019 I don’t have a talent for being submissive Claire Pisters Composer, Sound Designer
2020 Sister Ties Jelana ter Brugge Composer, Sound Designer
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Year Award Awarded for
2019 Best Music Familieportretten


Year School Course
2019 HKU (School of Art Utrecht) Music & Technology

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