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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Score Mix, Sound Design, Recording, Sound Producing

Highlighted references

• Eu Me Movo
• Tito and the birds
• Brother of Jorel

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About Bernardo Ets Goes

Re-recording mixer | ETS Sound Vision | Portugal

If I could sum up with one word, what moves me, this would be Sound. From childhood as a garage band bassist until I was able to live professionally with audio, I lived many experiences and countries I went through. I became an audio engineer, cultural producer, DJ, Bachelor of Business, entrepreneur, music producer and sound designer.

As soon as I got my B.A. in Business I was so sure about the reason I came to this world. Even though aware of all difficulties that would come up by starting a new career, also leaving behind six years of management experience, I quit everything for my passion: Sound.

My broad experience in the industry include re-recording mix for films, sound designing for animation tv series and feature films, besides song recording and mixing from music and soundtracks. The Audio has already taken me to hard-to-reach productions where the biggest challenge was to build a festival that could accommodate up to 5,000 people. Already took me to 3 countries. It took me to the 7th most populous city in the world. It was in São Paulo that I had the greatest contact with audio industry, living daily with musicians and audiovisual projects connected with films, publicity, television and movies. The audio also took me to France, to fulfill a dream of studying in one of the most recognized audio courses in the world, Mix with The Masters.

Today, living in Portugal, I want to continue my journey. I have a managerial, productive and technical capacity to run projects related to audio technologies. I believe in the diversity of my knowledge and in the possibility of adding and learning a lot with the productions in the audio industry.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Tito and the birds Bits Production Scoring Mixer
2017 Eu Me Movo Sentimental Filmes Re-recording Engineer, Sound Designer, Score Mixer
2017 Libbs – O Próximo Passo Libbs Farmacêutica Mixing Engineer
2014 Guida Rosana Urbes Scoring Mixer


Year School Course
2017 Mix With The Masters Score Mix with Alan Meyerson

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