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Other skills

Sound Design, Foley, Field Recording

Highlighted references

• Jeg og mig (theatrical play)
• Lightinstallation by Olafur Eliasson
• Concert inside Diodon by DOSIS

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About Carl Aksel Sundien

Composer | Denmark

Hi, Im a young electronic music producer. I focus primarily on sound design, which i use to compose with. I like to turn sounds into something completely different fx. turning birds chirping into a hard-hitting 808 bass. I also use a lot of different ways to compose and shape sounds, which includes tapeloops, samplers, field recording etc.

I dream of becoming either composer, sound designer or foley-artist for video games and/or films, which is a broad field. Though I’m young and still trying to figure out my purpose in the musical world. Please read the description for my embedded composition.


Year Project name Client Role
2020 Jeg og Mig (Theatrical play) Teater Momentum Composer, SFX, Sound Control
2019 Lightinstallation by Olafur Eliasson Kolding Bibliotek (Public Library) Composer, Sound Designer
2019 Gaven (musictheater) with focus on disabled actors Xeneriet Composer
2019 Concert inside Diodon by DOSIS Composer
2019 Concert at Godset Kolding Godset Composer


Year School Course
2019 MGK (General Music Course) Music

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