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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound Design, Cubase. FL Studio, FMOD, Unity.

Highlighted references

• Leturn – Defense of Magic
• Darkness of Hope (The Pocket Watch)
• Epic Conquest 2

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About Chandra Chandra

Composer | Indonesia

This guy is a music composer who has been self-studying music theory since 2011. He has been working as a freelance service provider since 2014, contributing to the Video Game Industry with his expertise in music composition. His work includes composing background music, scoring for animation videos, creating trailers, and designing sound effects. He is passionate about creating music that enhances the entertainment value of multimedia projects.


Year Project name Client Role
2015 Guild of Souls GUILD Entertainment Composer
2016 K’Boom CIUMI Composer
2016 Epic Conquest Gaco Games Composer
2016 Slaughter Them All GUILD Entertainment Composer
2017 Jump! Ghost Jump! GUILD Entertainment Composer
2014 Ranch Paradise GUILD Entertainment Composer
2017 Snake of Fortune CIUMI Composer
2016 Kitten Mita Eggion Composer
2018 Darkness of Hope – The Pocket Watch Eggion Composer
2019 Leturn – Defense of Magic DIF Games Composer
2019 Mousey Red Hare Studios Composer

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