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Field recordist | Monokompakt | Germany


my name is Christian and i’m an Production Sound Mixer from Essen.
I have gained over 10 years of professional experiences and are completely dedicated to my field of work.

At any time, I worked with ambition, knowledge and experience to achieve satisfaction for all various clients, production companies, agencies and broadcasting companies.

By hiring me for jobs, you will receive a professional sound guy who owns the newest technology of audio equipment for today’s production standards which will be continuously be increased and updated. Moreover, I could set different production conditions as well as deliver quality sound on an high level.

I am a self-reliant, friendly and reliable person who could manage every step within my profession but also are an asset for every production.

Please feel free to contact me and we could arrange a meeting to bespeak further co-operation.
My mobile number is: +49 157.8530.0040

I really look forward to hear from you or get messages.

Best regards,

Christian Hermans

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