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Composing, Sound Recording, Scripting, Implementation

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Sound designer | USA | California

My name is Christopher Cody Alcantara-Flick, but I go by Cody. I grew up with a love of sound and video games. I now work as an audio designer for video games and it is a dream come true. My love for sound has been ingrained in me from birth by virtue of my family’s history in the entertainment industry as sound professionals. I learned to be aware of sound everywhere, appreciate it, and think critically of it. Video games were love at first sight, for me, starting with Space Invaders on my parents Apple II, which then blossomed into a deep passion when I was gifted my first home console, the NES. It was a natural progression for me to come to love game audio and pursue a career as an audio designer for games.
In college, I received a bachelors degree for Film and Digital Media, as well as Electronic Music. Through these fields of study, I become adept in two very important things for anyone in my vocation. First, I learned the relationship of sound, including music, and the visuals they accompany. Specifically, how they both combine to create something greater than the parts individually. Second, was learning the techniques of recording and manipulating the sound to reach a desired effect. With my unique upbringing these were easy concepts to grasp initially, and I continue striving to attain as much knowledge about them as I can. I never let myself believe I know everything about any subject.
I started my career in music editorial for television and films. It was a fantastic foot in the door where I was able to hone my technical skills, but I knew it was video games that I wanted to do. Now, more than four years later, I’ve never looked back. While working with the Warner Bros Game Audio Team I have worked on various AAA titles in addition to a few indie ones and have loved every minute of it. In addition to my experience with WB, I have contracted work with independent game developers. I also do work with internet video production companies such as Rocketjump to stay busy. I am self motivated to stay busy and get things done on time.

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Year Award Awarded for
2016 Best Sound Editing – Computer Interactive Entertainment Halo 5: Guardians – Supervising Dialogue Editor


Year School Course
2008 UCSC Film/Electronic Music

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