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Sound Design, Music Production, Composing, Mastering, Mixing

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About Daniel Hochpöchler

Sound editor | Austria

My name is Daniel and I am a 27-year-old Music Producer based near Vienna in Austria.

I mainly work on my solo music under the alias ‘Danny Drivr’. I released my debut album ‘AUTOPILOT OFF’ in Summer 2023 on which I recorded, mixed and mastered everything on my own. It was a very challenging experience and I learned a lot from producing a Rock record in my little home studio. I always like to push the boundaries and see what is possible with the easiest and cheapest equipment.

In my freetime I also spend a lot of time in Sound Design. My dream is to do Sound Production for documentaries and movies.
At my last job I was responsible for Music Video Production and learned how to properly edit video and sound together.

I would be happy to do any kind of audio production for your projects!


Year Project name Client Role
2023 Self-produced Rock album Composer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Artwork Editor
2022 Summer Vlog Sound Designer, Composer, Mixing Engineer, Video Editor


Year School Course
2022 Fachhochschule St. Pölten Media Technology

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