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Game audio

Other skills

Sound Design, Composer/Producer, Audio editing, Field Recording

Highlighted references

• I as the lead sound designer and composer for John Madden Football for 4 years (multiple skus)
• I created all of the sound effects and music in Microsoft’s hit title Zoo Tycoon and all of its expansion packs
• In addition to being an expert game sound designer, I am also an award winning music composer and producer.

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Sound designer | GameBeat Studios, LLC | USA | Illinois

I am an award-winning veteran sound designer, composer & producer. Specializing in the gaming and advertising industries. I have 20 years of experience as a sound designer & composer having done the music and sound design for several popular game titles including John Madden Football, The Sims, Dance Revolution, Zoo Tycoon, and many other games. I am knowledgable in all of the industry-standard software tools including ProTools and Game Middleware (UE4, Wwise*). I have won 13 industry awards for my sound design and music composition work.

If your project needs a powerful, compelling, and uniquely captivating audio soundscape (sound design or music development) GameBeat Studios can deliver. Learn more at


Year Project name Client Role
2000 John Madden Football EA Sports Sound Design & Composer
2005 Zoo Tycoon Microsoft Games Sound Design & Composer
2002 The Sims Maxis/EA Composer
2015 Vegas Slot Games 2by2 Games Sound Designer & Composer
2002-2015 Various TV Spots Various Ad Agencies Composer/Producer


Year Award Awarded for
2008 13 Telly and Addy Awards Original Music & SFX Design


Year School Course
1981 American Conservatory of Music Electronic Music & Jazz Piano

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