Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Field Recording, Editing, Live sound, Foley, ADR, Music Production

Highlighted references

• “The Rime of The Ancient Marnier” a play retelling the famous poem to reflect upon the refugee crisis. All people involved were incredible.
• “Octavia” this game had incredible visuals and characters to design and work with. Stella Chang the designer, is incredibly talented and hard working.
• “Jeff vs. Lisa” The outer limit production team were incredibly organised and fun to work with. The whole project was bizzare fun from start to finish

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About Dee O’Leary

Sound designer | Freelancer | UK

Reliable, friendly and adaptable. I enjoy working with many different people on many different projects. I work in all aspects of sound from field recording to live concerts. I have worked on a few films around Edinburgh such as “Nowhere Yet” by Gabriel Bagnaschi and “Chloe” by Francesca Challis-Thompson. These involved everything from on set recording to ADR and Foley.

I enjoy working on projects that involve wildlife and nature, having used personal recordings towards many different projects such as “PrOwl” and musical samples for various events and compositions.

Community Arts is an important area for me and I have been lucky enough to be involved in various projects around Edinburgh.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Nowhere Yet Gabriel Bagnaschi ADR supervisor, Sound Designer
2017 Chloe Francesca Challis-Thompson Field Recordist
2016 Jeff vs. Lisa Outer Limit Productions Sound Designer
2017 The Games We Play Tatiana Matranga Sound Designer/Foley Artist
2016 Octavia ECA Sound Designer/ Game engine implementation


Year School Course
2017 Edinburgh College of Art MSc Sound Design
2013 Institute of Technology, Tralee BA Music Technology

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