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Game audio

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Sound Designer, Music Producer

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• SCARFALL The Royale Combat

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About Dom Capuano

Composer | Dom Capuano Music | USA | California

My name is Dom Capuano, and I am a Los Angeles-based music composer, producer, and sound designer with around 25 years of experience. Yeah, I started at 18 🙂

My work has featured on film, tv shows, video games, trailers, and dance-pop songs.

I started as a producer and songwriter in the mid to late 1990s after crafting a string of hits for pop artists like the Eiffel 65, the DJ Gabry Ponte, and the German Pop Band of Karmah; also I collaborated and remixed several international artists such: Toni Braxton, Busta Rhymes, S Club 7, Jean Michel Jarre, Kool & The Gang, Laura Pausini, 883, Max Pezzali, Aqua. Zucchero, Nek, Andreas Johnson, Alphaville, and more.

I worked with several artists, DJs, pop singers, classical musicians, and film directors. I learned how to get to the point of understanding them, their feeling, and their directions. I produced hundreds of songs and many albums in various genres.

I studied classical music, mainly the double bass, at the G. Verdi Conservatory of Music in Turin, Italy. I am also a piano player, composer and I learned how to conduct a real orchestra.

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Year Award Awarded for
2000 BMI Europop Album by Eiffel 65
2001 RIAA x3 Platinum in USA
2016 Best Score at Hollywood Cinema Festival Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion


Year School Course
2010 Conservatory of Music de la Valle d’Aoste Master in Music Performance
1992 Conservatory of Music G. Verdi Turin, Italy Diploma in Music composition with electro-acoustic instruments

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