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About Dominic Downing

Sound designer | New Zealand

With a passion for audio, each new project excites me. I crave creativity and sound design is how I express that. I don’t just “make sounds,” I design new ideas.

Sound has always been a huge part of my life. I am always listening, learning, and taking inspiration from the experiences around me. Growing up I would find myself from a young age, trying to recreate those sounds. Later in life, I find myself working full time as a video game sound designer, excited to get to work every single day.

With the nature of my previous experience, I am used to working under pressure. I have adapted and I work fast. Those tight deadlines have conditioned me to keep my head down and get the job done. Working hard keeps me motivated and helps me to really push my creativity.

I am a maker, a designer, a creative and a lover of sound.

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