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Sound designer | D. Martin Sound | USA | Massachusetts

Sound and music have always been primary fixtures in Donald Martin’s life.

As a classically trained violinist of over 25 years, he has educated students of all ages and skill levels for over a decade. He adapted the DOHMA moniker upon discovering for himself the radically unlimited experimental nature of sound design and underground electronic music. His earlier performances involved elaborately programmed Ableton Live templates, and in the last five years, he has found the ironic liberation in building a more constrained box via hardware and modular synthesis.

Conversely, Amhod is a return to Donnie’s classical roots with a modern inflection. This minimal endeavor holds nature close to the heart as he employs looping layers of various violin techniques soaked in reverb and delay. The results are an improvised exploration into tonal and timbral harmony on a single instrument.

Lastly, EHMN (pronounced like a subtle clearing of the throat) is Donnie’s most experimental music project as he explores the Avant-Garde in electronic and electroacoustic music. This project focuses on expressing concepts in mental health, philosophy, nature, and other esoteric topics.

Donnie’s education at The Institute of Production and Recording enabled him to apply his aural skills to a visual medium. His projects include various sound replacement studies for different genres of film both abstract and traditional. Donnie also co-founded and produced sound libraries for his e-commerce start-up called Octave Zoo. He was responsible for creating content for individual sound packages as well as sample tracks and scoring their advertisements.

As a graduate with a Master of Music in Music Technology degree from New York University Steinhardt, Donnie researched novel sound synthesis methods that utilize loudspeakers as sound sources and experimented with in-air phase cancellation. He has also had the distinct privilege of receiving composition lessons from Morton Subotnick who has taught Donnie the value of playful experimentation with the most basic sonic parameters in the composition and arrangement processes to yield new aural perspectives.


Year School Course
2022 NYU Steinhardt Master of Music in Music Technology
2014 IPR Associate of Applied Science in Sound Design for Visual Media
2011 URI Bachelors of Music in Music Performance, Violin Concentration

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