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Other skills

Field Recordist / Wwise Certified / Reaper / RX / Ableton / Protools

Highlighted references

• “Chaos” Game for Epic Games
• “Tell Me Why” Game for DONTNOD
• “Coup de bol” for Apple

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FAQ, About

About Tibo Csuko

Sound designer | Bruits. Studio | France

Hi, I have been working as a freelance sound designer for almost 6 years now. I run my own studio called Bruits. Studio ( French word for noise ). Apart from geeking around new effect chains and weird spectral processing technics, I can usually be found next to some interesting noise making things in the field holding my custom L2CR setup including a Sanken CO100K and a few MKH80XX mics ( I just love pitching stuff down I can’t help it.. ).

I’m also a music composer, part of the duo TRDLX. I have a strong experience in providing fresh and impactful soundtracks for trailers, film, ads etc…


Year Project name Client Role
2014 Mother Sound designer
2016 Bi-tone Citroën Composer, Sound Designer
2017 Beyond Cassini Nasa Sound Designer
2017-2019 Shadow Blade SAS Sound Designer, Composer
2018 Robotic Lifeforms 2 Soundmorph Sound Designer
2018 OUIcar OUIcar Sound Designer
2018 Aqua Di Gio Armani Sound Designer, Composer
2019 “Chaos” game Epic Games Sound Designer
2019 Coup de Bol Apple Sound Designer
2020 Tell Me Why DONTNOD Sound Designer


Year Award Awarded for
2016 ModCon Film Festival London Best Score


Year School Course
2016 CRAS Audio Kinetik Wwise 101

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