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About Drew Holliday

Sound designer | CITYTRONIX | UK

I’m an avid sound designer based in Kent from the United Kingdom, who’s made contributions from a number of different sources such as sample pack input to Noiiz (also known under Samplephonics) and Boiler Room, to exhibition contributions to Schemata (an arts programme sector of Corsica Studios), to music features on NTS, Rinse FM, Dummy Magazine, AQNB and releases on labels such as Alpha Pup (and much more).

Drew Holliday, aka CITYTRONIX is an electronica based musician, programmer and visual artist based in United Kingdom. CITYTRONIX first conceived music creation at her earliest years, primarily arranging pieces of soundbites and MIDI riffs on numerous PlayStation platform releases namely Music 3000 and MTV Music Generator 2 – it is with no doubt that CITYTRONIX has always been an avid sound explorer and audiophile.

CITYTRONIX’s sound is a form of communicating her timelines in life, by capturing sound souvenirs in which has moulded her identity in both crisis and reassurance – encompassing pop music culture, documentaries, sound triggers, low fidelity YouTube videos, objects and just about anything you can imagine or envisage. Sound reaches no bounds, especially when it comes to what is felt within — it is limitless.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 IDENT Schemata Sound design, music production
2021 Bleed (CITYTRONIX Remix) by Lapsung, Fae Tal Alpha Pup Remixer


Year School Course
2019 Canterbury Christ Church University Creative Music Technology
2018 Canterbury College Music Technology (Production)

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