Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Dialogue Recording, Audio Integration, Foley

Highlighted references

• The Luminist: A third-person action horror title that I voice acted in, recorded both dialogue and Foley, as well as integrated sound using Wwise.
• Resistor: Isometric top down puzzle platformer that I composed music, synthesized sound effects, and integrated audio for using FMod Studio.

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About Drake Hunter Parker

Sound designer | USA | California

Hi, I’m Drake! I went to school for game sound design at DigiPen in Redmond, WA. I studied composition as well, but my passion lies in making awesome sounds and recording engaging dialogue. In my free time I play games (both video and board varieties), experiment while cooking, and am learning Japanese as a hobby. I’m the kind of guy that cracks jokes to lighten the mood and always do my best to learn what I can do to help others. I work well with a team and check my ego at the door, advocating for ideas that I think will genuinely improve the game. I look forward to speaking with you!


Year Award Awarded for
2018 IGF Best Student Game Nominee Resistor: Top Down Puzzle Platformer


Year School Course
2019 DigiPen BA of VG Sound Design

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