Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Game Audio, Composing, Mixing and Mastering

Highlighted references

• Hearthfire: The Cadence Archives
• Robot Ultrarena, Gareth Wilcock
• Facey Finds Comfort in His Oblivion, Alden Van Heerden

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Sound designer | Turbo Moose Studios | South Africa

I am a sound designer and composer currently freelancing and based in South Africa.

I studied film at the Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences, working on a variety of projects including: short films, podcasts, music and videogames. Working on so many collaborative project taught me the importance and power of working as a team and the skills (both technical and social) necessary to to so. I earned my Bachelors Degree with Majors in Sound Design and Cinematography in 2019.

My degree has given me a lot of experience in a wide variety of sound design disciplines including: foley, ambiance creation, musical scoring, sound effects and dialogue recording. During my degree I was also a studio assistant at Trailblazer studios where I became very proficient in a professional recording environment, including developing the social skills to work with musicians and voice actors in way to get the best possible performance out of them and developing my technical prowess with mixing and mastering in a wide variety of genres.

I completed my honors degree in 2020 with a focus on Sound Design, focusing my thesis and work on the experimental Sound Design practice of Soundwalking. During this year I also completed my university’s Music Production Major, further refining my skills as both a composer and a audio engineer.

I believe Sound Design is an immensely important and powerful art form, whether its acting by itself or as part of a larger project. My aim with my work is always to provide audio that has an impact and is easy to understand. I always strive to take the themes of the project and manifest them through the sound design and the musical score in a way that bolsters the entire production.


Year School Course
2019 Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences achelors of Film Arts with specialization in Sound Design, Music Production and Cinematography (2016-2019)
2020 Open Window Institute for Arts and Digital Sciences Bachelors of Arts Honours in Visual Communication with specialization in Sound Design (2020)

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