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Game audio

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Music Composition, Audio Implementation

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About Elijah Anderson

Sound designer | USA | Arizona

Elijah Anderson is a Game and Audio Designer who finds interest in most things relating to Game Design, ranging from Sound Design and Music, to Pixel Art and Animation, to Programming and Writing. As a recent graduate with a B.A. in Computer Game Design, Elijah has learned the artistic and collaborative skills needed to make games that will inspire others, and he hopes to make a positive difference in the Games Industry as a whole.
As the former Sound Director of GADIG, Eli managed a small team of sound designers and musicians in order to create an impactful musical and auditory experience to accentuate the games made within the club. Eli thinks music and sounds are an important part of delivering an enjoyable and memorable gaming experience and aspires to bring that to every project he works on.


Year School Course
2023 George Mason University Computer Game Design

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