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Game audio

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Studio/Recording Enginer, Mixing Engineer, Sound design implementation

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Sound designer | Sweden

Hello! I’m a audio engineering student starting my career in audio. I am interested in game audio, and am planning to do my final internship in the industry to finish my bachelor’s degree. I am a happy person who like to make good a job. I am focused and hard-working and have a high standard for the work I do. I love getting and giving feedback and to find the quirks and small changes needed to perfect the work. I have a background studying toward the technical field, taking some programming-related courses in high school and working on and around computers, both hardware and software. I tend to have an easy time figuring out programming languages, and programming logic comes naturally to me. As I said I am finishing my bachelor’s degree in audio engineering, and I have taken several courses of sound design for film with professionals giving workshops and lectures, and a video game audio course where sound designers from DICE and Pole Position Production held lectures, workshop and graded our work.


Year School Course
2017 Luleå University of Technology Audio Engineering

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