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About Federico Malandrino

Composer | Italy

I’m a producer, composer and sound designer from Italy; I graduated in classical music theory before moving into the production and composition of modern genres like rock and electronic music. With this as a backdrop, I began working at Bliss Corporation Studios (Eiffel65, Djs from Mars, Dari) in 2005. Around 2010 I left and teamed up with a host of studios across Europe: Das Musikatelier, Transeuropa, MeatBeat and Vegas Recording. During this period I began experimenting more liberally with sound, producing music both of my own construction and of other artists’ as well. That said, I’m currently engaged in composing music and sounds for video games – I started as a member of Unreal Tournament’s repack team in 2004, and recently composed and recorded the music for 2016’s ‘Hornythology’ produced by Funix Games. . I achieved a Master degree in Sound Design from Event Horizon School in Milan in 2016 and I started a collaboration with 2D/3D animation company, Future Dog Studio, and Unidigita, a video production company based in Turin.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Just A Touch Future Dog Studio composer, sound designer


Year School Course
2006 University of Turin Multimedia arts
2016 Event Horizon Sound Design

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