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Composer | Portugal

Felipe Silva is a pianist, composer and arranger, graduating in music production. He studied Improvisation in Jazz with Gary Burton, a course created by the Berklee College of Music for the Coursera site and also
attended the University of Popular Music – Bituca (MG).
He is the founder of the trio Popcorn Jazz, or Pipoca Jazz Trio in portuguese, which has performed instrumental music shows since 2015 in public squares in several cities. There were more than 60 presentations throughout these 2 years,
promoting jazz and Brazilian instrumental music.
He composed the soundtrack for dance and theater performances in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, such as “Água Doce” – MG, “Huis Clos” – MG, “Entre Corpos e Cômodos” – RJ, “Ana – Ensaio Sobre o Tempo e o Vento “in partnership with Jane Duboc – RJ,” Sobre Nós Dois “in partnership with Sérgio Pascolato – RJ and” Pessoas Vivas “- RJ as well as
the short films” At Home “,” Quase / Pronta “,” A Woman of White “.
Off the stage, between the years 2010 and 2015, Felipe called as sound
technician, light and stage director in theater shows.


Year School Course
2012 UNESA Music Production

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