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Audio integration, audio editor/mixer post production, composer…

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About Frederic Boily

Sound designer | Canada

I’m a French-Canadian currently based in Montreal, Canada.

During the last 5 years I’ve had the great opportunity to work on severals awesome projects, Video games and also some Post-Production (Movie/TV). I’m also musician and a avid traveler.

One thing that would describe me the best is “Passionate”. Overall audio and Video Games/Movies have been part of my life for a while now and my goal is always to push the boundaries when comes time to be creative and innovative through sounds and concepts.

During these years I’ve been experiencing various audio-production roles like:

(Sound Designing, Voice recording, Mixing, Motion-Capture, Voice recording/editing and Motion-Capture when I was working at Game On). Those roles gave me a wide scope of the audio-production pipeline for indies and AAA games.

Here’s some of my Go To Tools:

DAW: Pro Tools HD, Ableton Live, Reaper

PLUGINS: GlitchMachines Bundle, GRM Tools, SoundToys Bundle, WaveWarper, etc.

ENGINE: Wwise, Unity & Unreal

OTHER: Perforce

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