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Game audio

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Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Implementation, Music Producing…

Highlighted references

• Float Studio
• Block Factory
• Wyntale

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About Gabriel BIHAN

Sound designer | Freelance | France

My name is Gabriel and I am a 23-year-old Sound Designer and Audio Engineer from France, I am thrilled to express my keen interest in sound design for video games essentially.

After 5 years as a remote freelancer for +100 clients around the world, I am delighted to express a keen interest in integrating a company. I would relish the opportunity to bring my experience into your projects.

I have been fortunate enough to work on a variety of projects, including advertising, cinema, documentaries, radio, audiobooks, video games, and music. I’m sure that all these projects have provided me with a deep understanding of the diverse needs and requirements of each industry, allowing me to tailor my approach to each unique project.

Notably, I have been working as the only sound designer for Float Studio & Block Factory for 2 years, both Minecraft DLC development studios. I take pride in having acquired strong experience with all of those projects and being able to use that in those to come.

I sincerely think sound design is critical in delivering an amazing gameplay experience and an immersive atmosphere, and I understand its importance. I’ll do my best by delivering the results needed in time, with all the motivation that I can offer. Therefore, I am confident in my ability to design and record high-quality audio assets, such as SFX, jingles, and ambiance.

After a long experience on Fiverr with international customers, I can confirm that I have the experience to work remotely while maintaining efficiency and fluid communication. my skills in English, both spoken and written, are very good, which will enable me to exchange easily with directors and coworkers all around the world. I am a team player and I love working with other people, but I am absolutely accustomed to working optimally with minimal direction if needed. I am excited about the possibility of joining your team and contributing to your upcoming projects.

I am looking forward to hearing from your project and I am available for a call or anything else at your convenience.



Year Project name Client Role
2023 Axolotl Evolve – DLC Minecraft Float Studio Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
2023 Backrooms Pink Dreams – DLC Minecraft Float Studio Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
2023 Backrooms Party Time – DLC Minecraft Float Studio Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
2022 Bigfoot – DLC Minecraft Float Studio Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
2023 Overpowered Weapons Block Factory Sound Designer, Audio Engineer
2023 Wyntale Server Wyntale (Frigiel) Sound Designer, Audio Engineer


Year School Course
2005 ENM Villeurbanne Drums & Music Theory
2018 Audiovisual School Lyon Bachelor Degree in Audio Engineering

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