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• Royal Canin – Birth & Growth (commercial): sound design, composing & mixing
• The Scent of Pomegranate (Short movie): sound design & composing
• Bear Cider – I’ve been working (commercial): sound design & composing

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About Gerwin Weidenaar

Sound designer | G.W. Music & Sound Design | Netherlands

Hi! My name is Gerwin and I create music and sound. Due to years of experience as a composer, songwriter, and sound designer, I have developed a taste for working in various musical genres and contexts. 

This has resulted in a highly varied portfolio, ranging from musical compositions for movies to songwriting to sound design for commercials. I’m driven by working together with talented creatives: synergy is the backbone of every project.
Having finished my bachelor’s degree in Composition and Music production at the University of the Arts Utrecht, I then pursued my master’s degree in Music Pathway Design. I have done an internship as composer and sound designer at music studio Good Sounds and MacLoud in Amsterdam. On top of that, I have worked as a library composer at BMG music. As a guitarist he has played in several pop & rock bands, and in the rhythm section of a chamber orchestra. 

Please check my website for my portfolio!


Year School Course
2013 University of the Arts Utrecht Composition & Music Production
2017 University of the Arts Utrecht Master of Music: Music Design

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