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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Game audio integration, dialogue editing, music production

Highlighted references

• Heroes of Newerth
• Hive Division
• Reset Studios

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About Glenn Gullskjegg Goa

Sound designer | Soundwizardry | Norway

Hard working technical sound designer with 11 years of work experience.
– Worked 7+ years on the video games “Heroes of Newerth”
– Sound designed and programmed in C# for the mobile Unity title: “Steven Universe – Tap Together”
-Large extensive work collaboration with the movie company “Hive Division.”


Year Project name Client Role
2011 Heroes of Newerth S2Games Sound designer, Composer, Foley Artist, Voice actor, Field recordist, Voice director, Implementer, Audio lead, Script writer, Sound mixer
2014 Tiny Nomad Toniko Pantoja Sound designer, Voice actor
2016 Battlefield 1: Real Life Hive Division Sound designer
2012 Tell Ryan Connolly Sound mixer
2017 Steven Universe: Tap Together Reset Studios Sound designer, Composer, Audio Programmer
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Year School Course
2012 University of Sterling Media Communication
2016 Full Sails University Audio Production

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