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Composing, sound design, mixing for film and TV

Highlighted references

• World War II in HD: The Air War. Nominated for an Emmy for sound design and mix
• The Face: Jesus In Art. Composed and performed over 90 minutes of music. Surround Mix premiered at Radio City Music Hall in 2001.
• Clinton Anderson’s Outback Adventure. Location audio 22 days in the Outback. 2 hour premiere movie in surround.

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Audio director | River Hills Productions | USA | Texas

I have over 30 years composing and performing music, sound designing, mixing and directing audio projects for TV and film. This particular example I have chosen garnered me an Emmy nomination for Sound Design and Mix. I am based in Texas but I can travel anywhere for a project. I have a complete music composition and sound mixing facility in Texas and I have worked online at distance for many clients over the years, especially since about 2011. I have traveled to a location to start a project, work a good deal of it in my studio and then return for the finalization. I have worked on over 500 documentaries in my career, all with sound design, mix, and most with original composition. I can compose music, edit, and mix in ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic Pro X and Digital Performer. I have sample libraries from Native Instruments, Spitfire Audio, East West Sounds Online and others. My studio is equipped to deliver in any format up to 192 khz, and video up to 4K. I can export final audio to a master video file in DaVinci Resolve 16, Premiere Pro 2020, FCPX and Media Composer. I have delivered audio files and stems for projects on Discovery Channel, TLC, History Channel, National Geographic, PBS, Sky TV and many others.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Fields of Valor:Air Activities of Texas James Willis Sound Designer/Mixer
2019 Glenn’s Gotta Go Stephen F. Austin University Film Dept. Sound Design/Mixer
2019 Heroes of the Sky:The Mighty 8th AF Lou Reda Productions for National Geographic Sound Designer
2001 The Face:Jesus in Art Voyager Productions for WNET Composer/Mixer
2014 Clinton Anderson’s Outback Adventure Downunder Horsemanship Producer/Sound designer/Mixer

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