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Composition, Soundscape, Interactive Gestural Composition

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About Guy Fleisher

Sound designer | Guy Fleisher | Israel

Born and raised in Israel, I am a man of content. Started playing drums at the age of 9, by the time I was 18 I was playing with local rock acts. I have been playing since.

Studied at the Rimon School of Jazz under a joint program for Music Performance / Sound Engineering and Production, continuing to finish my undergraduate studies in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (AKA JAMD). Attained a Bachelor of the arts in Jazz/Music Performance.

Since my studies in the JAMD, I have been teaching music and experimenting with various types of content from all different genres of music alongside playing around Israel with various acts in various styles; ranging from jazz to metal to electronic music and soundscape composition, with everything in between.

I started studying Sonic Arts in the master’s program at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2017, focusing on interactive and generative processes, along with multi-disciplinary processes for audio-visual arts. I graduated my studies (with distinction) class of 2018, presenting an interactive gestural composition final project. I am very keen on choreography and modern dance and compose for dance and interactive projects.

I am a people’s person, and enjoy cooperative works the most, to create something new; especially sound, light and rhythm, their interplay and interactions, interactivity and applications between disciplines.


Year Award Awarded for
2014 Gertrud Choreography competition Excellency in Performance
2014 JAMD Jazz Composition award 2nd place for performance
2018 Special distinction Sonic Arts M.Mus.


Year School Course
2014 Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Jazz Performance
2018 Goldsmith’s, University of London Sonic Arts

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