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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Score Mixing, Sound Design, Editing, Foley, Composing.

Highlighted references

• Oração de Amor Selvagem, 2015. Director: Chico Faganello. Re-recording mixer and Sound designer.
• Nuvem, 2014. Director: Vanessa Sandre. Composer, Sound designer and Re-recording mixer.
• Sultanes del Sur, 2007. Director: Alejandro Lozano, Composer: Xavi Capellas. Score mixer.

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About Guy Wenger

Re-recording mixer | Cool Tunes | Brazil

Studio owner, Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Editor specialising in features, shorts, series and documentaries.
A partial list of credits can be seen here:
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The studio is fully equipped for mixing 5.1 DCP and we use Source-Live Pro for remote collaboration. This means you can safely approve the mixes from wherever you are in the world.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 Merlí, Sapere Aude Movistar + Score mixer
2018 Almofada de Penas 2 Plátanos Re-recording mixer
2018 La Otra Piel Plural Filmes Re-recording mixer
2017 Fanáticas Filmes que Voam Re-recording mixer, Sound designer, foley
2017 The Princess in the Alleyway Usina da Imaginação Re-recording mixer, Sound designer, Foley
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