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Film audio

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Music production/mixing/mastering, composition, session guitar

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About Henrik Huber

Sound designer | Austria

My name is Henrik Huber and I have been a sound engineer since 2013, when I graduated from the SAE Institute of Vienna.
However, I only started pursuing my audio career more seriously in the recent few years and took on my first professional jobs in the field.

I have more recently been working in audio post production (for podcasts and film) and I have years of experience in music production/mixing/mastering, predominantly heavier or more extreme music genres, which I personally favor very much.

Also I have been an electric guitarist for almost 20 years, continuously being active in various musical projects and bands. Throughout the years, music composition has always been one of my biggest passions and also a field that I would like to enter in the future. Since 2018 I release music, which is completely produced DIY, as a solo artist. My solo project is very dear to me and serves as a showcase of my composition/guitar playing/music production skills. Feel free to check the video on top!
Apart from that, I have lately been gathering experience in synth sound design as well as hip hop beat production and sampling.

So far, clients have valued my puncutality, patience and precision.

Feel free to contact me for:
-Audio post production (film, game, podcast,…)
-Music production (recording, editing, programming, sound design, mixing, mastering,…)
-Music Composition (film, game, ghostwriting,…)
-Remixing & Beat Production
-Anything guitar related (session guitar work, lessons, reamping,…)


Year Project name Client Role
2023 God of Fire (EP) Beyond This Rift production, recording, mxing, mastering
2024 Anna Jermolaewa. Stimme des Widerstands. (movie) ORF (Austrian public TV) Audio post production
2024 MUT Talk (ongoing podcast series) Astra Zeneca Austria Audio post production


Year School Course
2013 SAE Institute VIenna Audio Engineering

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