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Other skills

Cellist, field and foley recording, audio storytelling, podcasting

Highlighted references

• A Covid-19 Chronicle: struggles, hopes and observations – Non-fiction Audio story
• ‘Empyrean’, Light & Sound Installation with artist Paul Liptrot
• ‘The Waiting Room’ Film Music Remix – Brighter Sounds, Both Sides Now: Film Music Residency

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About Holly Early

Sound editor | UK

As a post-graduate in sound design, a musician, audio artist and storyteller, I am drawn to working in environments that give back to communities and creators. In my art practice, I focus on encouraging others to consciously participate in listening to sound.

Sound can dramatically change our perception of the visual scene in front of us. Not only does it engage people more with the world around them, but also with each other. I explore this idea through recording ambient and natural sounds, which are then altered by audio effects. My approach to these immersive experiences is minimalist and attention to detail mind-set in order to describe, explain and encourage more attention on sound. Other themes that have appeared are time, perception and response.

I have examples of this and other projects on my portfolio website. There is also an audio blog here titled “Confessions of A Listener” – .

Other information:
– MA Sound Design, pass with Distinction
– Participant in Brighter Sounds, Both Sides Now: Film Music Residency (2019)
– ABSRM Grade 5 music theory, Grade 7 cello, Grade 6 piano and Grade 5 singing
– 3 years at Derbyshire City & County Youth Orchestra
– Organized and hard working
– 3+ years of customer service experience

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