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About Ian Geldart

Sound editor | Audian Sound | Canada

My career in sound began organically, with a simple comedy audio-drama following three failing actors. I discovered inspiration in working with sound, and realized that it is the most malleable, effective, and often neglected aspect of storytelling. I have worked in film for over a decade and I know that when a great story, a beautiful shot, and poignant audio meet, magic can occur.

In shaping sound we shape our audience’s emotions.

I would like to work with you, whether you’re a producer, director, podcaster, writer, or just a dreamer, to bring your project to life.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 My Roommate’s the Zodiac Killer Bad Bunch Sound designer
2021 Smile, It’ll Be Over Soon Harpy Prod’s / Evergreen Podcasts Sound designer
2021 Real Legitimate Apparitions The Sonar Network Dialogue editor/Sound designer/Mixer
2022 Kwantum Highly Scientific Sound designer
2021 Dare To Share Your Untold Story Dare To Heal Sound editor
2020 Real Legitimate Apocalypse The Sonar Network Dialogue editor/Sound designer/Mixer
2019 Real Legitimate Actors The Sonar Network Dialogue editor/Sound designer/Mixer

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