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Re-recording mixer, film scoring, audio editing

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About Ibrahim Muhammad Bin Ali

Sound designer | IMBA Sound | USA | Texas

Hello, I’m Ibrahim Muhammad Bin Ali, an aspiring Sound Designer and Audio Engineer. I’m currently a student at Full Sail University in the Music Production Program. I started as a late bloomer in the music field. I began playing and making music around late 2020. Some instruments I play include the piano, guitar, and banjo. With a passion for creating immersive auditory experiences, I possess a diverse skill set, including time management, Avid Pro Tools, PreSonus Studio One, Logic X, Audio Engineering, Audio Mixing, Sound Design, Mastering, Communication, Field Recording, and Music Theory.

My ultimate career goal is to leave a mark in the film and visual industry by producing captivating soundscapes, ambiences, and innovative sound designs for various visual mediums. I aim to breathe life into stories through sound, enhancing the audience’s emotional connection and enriching their viewing experiences.

What sets me apart is my inherent ability to grasp new concepts swiftly, coupled with excellent communication skills that enable me to understand the unique requirements of each project. I am driven by an insatiable hunger for knowledge, always eager to learn and explore new possibilities in the realm of sound design.

I believe that the art of sound design has the power to transport audiences to different worlds, evoke emotions, and elevate storytelling to new heights. As a dedicated sound designer and audio engineer, I am determined to make a meaningful impact in the industry, leaving a lasting auditory impression on audiences and filmmakers alike.

If you’re looking for a dynamic and innovative sound designer with an unwavering commitment to excellence, I would be thrilled to contribute my skills and passion to your creative endeavors. Together, let’s craft unforgettable auditory journeys that resonate with audiences and elevate visual storytelling to extraordinary levels.


Year School Course
2024 Full Sail University Music Production

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