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About J.Jay Berthume

Composer | J.Jay Berthume Music | USA | South Carolina

J.Jay Berthume is a creative and skilled video game composer with a sharp instinct for creating memorable melodies. J.Jay also has a vast knowledge of orchestration and instrumentation, being able to create soundtracks with any different combination of instruments and sounds. Some of J.Jay’s work includes many different musical mediums, such as fantasy, chiptune, electronic, ambient, and world music. Furthermore, J.Jay has a varying portfolio with a high production value. J.Jay is an exceptionally fast writer who always delivers his music on time. J.Jay is also very familiar with the video game industry, and stays up to date with different developers, new releases, and overall, as a great appreciation for the art. For interested clients, J.Jay is willing to produce a 1-minute original composition for free with your custom specifications, so be sure to contact him at jjayberthumecomposer@gmail.com.

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Year School Course
2019 Furman Conservatory of Music B.M in Music Composition
2019 Furman Conservatory of Music Minor in Jazz Studies

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