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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Designing, Mixing, Recording

Highlighted references

• Recording motorcycles for ‘Out of Nothing’ a Feature Documentary for P-51 Pictures
• Creating underwater sounds, and monster vocalization in two corporate Animation Projects for KinetiKos Animation Company
• ADR for Bellingham T’Nite Pilot by Sonny Boy Productions

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About James Bretz

Sound editor | AuddityLLC | USA | Pennsylvania

I’ve worked and studied around audio for about 15 years, starting as an apprentice at a recording studio in Buffalo, NY. After many travels I settled into sound editing for picture in 2009 for P-51 Pictures in Bellingham, WA. Here I’ve remained working with a trusted crew at P-51 and starting freelance work under my company name Auddity. I’ve had an interest in sound from a very young age. I enjoyed sitting in quiet trying locate and determine what I was hearing from far away. I’ve also enjoyed unique mixing techniques and instrumental tones in music. I enjoy creating soundscapes to motion picture or animation as a way to enhance the viewers experience. I look forward to working on projects that allow a creative challenge. -Running Nuendo-


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Ilaria P-51 Pictures Sound Mixer, Foley, Re-Recording Mix
2014 Out of Nothing P-51 Pictures Sound Mixer, Sound Effects Recorder, Sound Editor/Designer, Re-Recording Mixer
2013 Bellingham T’Nite Sonny Boy Productions Sound Editer, Re-Recording Mixer, ADR Recorder and Mixer
2015 Uncle Jimbo 7year Films Sound Mixer, Sound Designer/Editor, Foley, Re-Recording Mixer
2017 Gray Area The Last Pack Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer
2019 Upstate Sound Editor, Foley, Re-recording Mixer, Sound Design
2019 Lane 9 Stranger Pictures Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Design
2019 The Fork Bellingham Film Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer
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Year Award Awarded for
2019 Best Sound Design Lane9


Year School Course
2007 Loft Recording Studio Audio Recording Apprenticeship

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