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About James Elsey

Composer | James Elsey Music | UK

I’m an emerging, London, UK based composer who graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a Degree in Creative Sound Design. I’ve become known for my strengths in writing intense music suitable for the Action/Sci-Fi/Horror genres, having previously worked with Steel Arts Software on Horror title ‘Welcome To Hanwell’ (PC/PS4/Xbox One /Switch) which required a 1 1/2 hour dynamic music score. As well as becoming a successful contributor to some of the biggest Production Music libraries in the world writing Trailer Music and general tracks. Universal, BMG and 5 Alarm are some of the companies I’ve worked with and my music has been associated with brands such as Mercedes Benz, Taco Bell, The British Film Institute and Sky TV.

I pride myself on my versatility however, having established a long working relationship with Gameumentary, a popular Youtube Channel with almost two million lifetime view and who specialise in detailed Documentaries on some of the most beloved game development studios and their franchises. We’ve worked together on 3 feature length projects covering the Divinity: Original Sin, Insurgency and Darkest Dungeon games and I’ve written over 3 hours worth of ambient underscore to compliment the stories told on each studio; utilising Orchestra, Synths and acoustic guitars/string instruments in the music.

I’m currently working again with Steel Arts Software on their next title, a Stealth/Thriller video game adaption of the H.G Wells novel ‘War Of The Worlds’. As well as with Fayju Games on ‘Amazing Frog?’, a kids sandbox title for which the brief asks for a fun and fast paced Funk/Hip-hop and even Jazz/Bossanova Elevator style music score.


Year Project name Client Role
2020 Darkest Dungeon: Documentary Gamumentary, The Escapist Composer
2019 Insurgency: The Documentary Series Gamumentary, The Escapist Composer
2018 Divinity: Original Sin Documentary Gamumentary Composer
2017 Welcome To Hanwell Steel Arts Software Composer
2019 Taco Bell, Incepator? (TV Ad, Romania) Taco Bell Composer


Year Award Awarded for
2012 Media Week Awards ‘Captain Crunch’ (The Sun & Tesco) – £1 Million+ Video Marketing Campaign


Year School Course
2011 The Academy Of Contemporary Music Creative Sound Design – BA Hons Degree
2009 The Academy Of Contemporary Music Drums: Performance – Higher Diploma
2008 The Academy Of Contemporary Music Drums: Performance – Diploma

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