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Game audio

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Sound Design, Audio Integration

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About Lewis Gehami

Composer | USA | California


My name is Lewis, and I am a music composer and sound designer for video games. I have my Bachelor of Music in Composition and Piano Performance, and I also obtained my Professional Certificate in Game Audio Production.

I have worked with game developers to produce audio for several games of a variety of genres including RPG, Adventure, and Arcade. If you are developing a game for which you want original music, I’m your go-to guy. Let’s make your game the best it can be with memorable music and immersive sound effects!


Year Project name Client Role
2022 Snowball War of 1982 Qassem Makes Games Composer/Sound Designer
2023 Dino Shoot Blavity Composer/Sound Designer
2023 Chronoleaper KillerzScrubbie Composer/Sound Designer
2023 Wander TinySauce Composer/Sound Designer
2023 Planetary Devastation GoGameDev Composer


Year School Course
2020 Chapman University Music Composition and Piano Performance
2022 Berklee College of Music Game Audio Production

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