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Film audio

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Composing, Producing, Mix Engineer

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Sound designer | Triple I Audio | USA | New York

Sound Design as a narrative force and motif is one of the most powerful additions to any production. Sound and sight must exist symbiotically, the sound both reflecting what the eye sees, and augmenting it for the purpose of propelling the story forward. James Oliver combines artistry with technical prowess in pursuit of this goal.

James currently runs a 5.1 capable studio for audio, film, and animation in Manhattan, New York.

Relevant Software Proficiencies:

Ableton Live, ProTools, Logic, QLab
Izotope RX8, SPEAR, Sound Hack, Paulstretch
Native Instruments, and more


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Sounds Like Home Phoebe Driscoll Composer
2017 Berklee Valencia’s Discover-I Showcase Berklee Valencia Sound Designer, Producer
2018 For Sharks Aspire Higher Producer
2020 Skeleton Crew Rhodes College Sound Designer
2020 Knockknock Tangerine Funk Sound Designer, Foley Artist
2020-2021 Rhodes College Virtual Productions Rhodes College Sound Designer, Mix Engineer, Video Editor
2021 Inner Voices Sound Mixer, Sound Designer
2021 Beyond the Machine the Juilliard School Composer, Producer


Year School Course
2018 Berklee College of Music Music Production, Technology, and Innovation
2015 Rhodes College Music

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