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Voice Over artist, Field Recording, Sound Design, ADR, Composition

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Foley artist | S4: Sound Production | Australia

Dr Chris Brown and Miguel Maestre's road trip continues this week on #TheLivingRoom!

Posted by The Living Room on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Audio company based in Sydney covering everything from Foley, Sound design, composition, Field Recording, original songs, voice over work and ADR for film and advertising and television.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 -2018 The Living Room WTFN Field recordist, Music
2018 Tonsils + Tweezer Jack Rabbit Theatre Sound Design and Composition
2017 Share The Ride Uber Field Recording, Foley, Sound Track
2017 You’re Wonderful NSW Public Schools Producer, Field Recordist, Sound Designer, Composer
2018 Anti Corruption Watch Dog The Australian Institute Mix, Master
2017 Fishriver EVERYONE WE KNOW FILMS Field Recordist, Foley, Sound Design, Composition
2017 Schedule One Sonder Foley, Sound Design, Composition, ADR
2017 The Madman With Lightning In His Hands AY Films Field Recording, Sound Design, Foley, Composition, ADR
2017 Rattrap AY Films Sound Design, Original Song, Foley, Mixing, ADR
2017 Fashion Awards Sydney Flaunter Original Song, Mixing
2016 MBFW Sydney Flaunter Mixing and Mastering
2017 MBFW Sydney Flaunter Mixing and Mastering
2018 (coming soon) Greenhouse (feature film) EVERYONE WE KNOW FILMS Mixing, Mastering, ADR, Foley, Sound design
2015 This is SYD illeqwip Mix and Master, Voice Over, Foley
2015 Daniel Bolt Cinematography Daniel Bolt Foley, Original Song, Sound Design, Mix and Master
2017 All We Have Is Now (Yes, Prime Minister/ Vegans) All We Have Is Now Foley, ADR, Composition, Theme Music


Year School Course
2014 SAE Studio engineering

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