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Composing, Sound Design, Orchestration, MIDI Realization, Integration

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Composer | USA | Washington

Jason Rohona is a composer, orchestrator, and sound designer with a passion for creating innovative and immersive audio for films and games.

From a young age Jason was cultivating a passion for music and the power it has over the listener. “The ability that music has to move people to empathize with each other in the deepest mire as well as on the highest peak, I think, is it’s greatest asset.” Jason has always been fascinated with the emotional drive and influence of music. This fascination has given him an ability to work in a wide range of genres and to borrow from them their greatest strengths to create the best and most holistic score possible.

Jason has had the privilege of working with a number of successful artists in the world of film music. These artists include three-time EMMY Award winning composer Charles Denler and two-time EMMY Award winning composer Hummie Mann (Robin Hood: Men In Tights). He also has recorded with the world renowned orchestra “The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra” in the Czech Republic.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Ghostbusters – Wind Ensemble Tadd Morris Orchestrator/Arranger
2017 Shofukan – Pep Band Tadd Morris Orchestrator/Arranger
2017 Super Mario – Percussion Ensemble Tadd Morris Orchestrator/Arranger
2017 The Mariana’s Diary Brent Stainer Composer/Orchestrator
2016 A Matter of Prejudice Sandra Lince Composer/Conductor
2016 Wendell’s Advantageous Adversity Liam R. Findlay Composer/Orchestrator
2016 The Escape Pod Timea Talaber Composer/Orchestrator
2015 Company Man Brian Stabile Composer/Orchestrator
2014 Skylights Promotional Composer/Orchestrator
2014 Journey Home Promotional Composer/Orchestrator
2014 The Soldier’s Soul Promotional Composer/Orchestrator
2014 Dancing On Air Promotional Composer/Orchestrator
2014 Prodigal Promotional Composer/Orchestrator
2014 Redeeming Hope Brent Stainer Composer
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Year School Course
2016 Seattle Film Institute MM in Film Scoring
2015 Colorado Christian University BA in Music Composition

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