Other skills

Mixing, editing, content creation

Highlighted references

• Boston Local Music Festival
• The Boston Comedy Festival
• The Penumbra Podcast

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About Jeff Bousquet

Sound editor | USA | Massachusetts

I am an audio engineer with over a decade of experience working in various production environments and on a diverse array of content. I have facilitated audio production for live events, recorded programs, musical performances, live-streams, podcasts, and more. I have also produced, hosted, edited, and distributed my own podcast, as well as worked on numerous audio and video educational materials for healthcare groups and higher-education.

I have extensive experience with audio editing and production software such as ProTools, Logic, and the Adobe Creative Suite. I am also skilled in field recording, videography, video editing, content delivery, social media management, and media asset management.


Year School Course
2011 Emerson College Sounds Design/Audio Post Production

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