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Sound Design, Music Editing, Trailer Music

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About Johan Sugarev

Foley artist | | Bulgaria

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Welcoming most genres from drama to horror, advertisements and youtube videos. Coming from the motion picture industry, I’ve worked for amazing TV projects for Disney, the BBC, short films and advertisements, among others.

We record original foley, sound effects, incorporate sound design elements and sync to picture. All orders include world class dialogue editing.
With my small team, we consistently deliver industry leading results for even the most demanding of clients. Well versed in polished and transparent editing, I can guarantee a great result for any type of audio project. 

We work in Pro Tools Ultimate 2021.12, use RX9, Nugen Post, Audioease, dearVR, Dolby Mastering Suite, Waves, Universal Audio, Fabfilter, Revoice Pro, EdiLoad, MediaSeal and everything else needed for a professional workflow. Equipped with a Genelec 7.1.4 monitoring system, Sennheiser MKH 416 microphones. We mix to industry loudness standards. AAF, OMF, ADM, Pro Tools or stem delivery, optional DCP authoring.

 Please contact for more info.

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