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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Mixing, sound design

Highlighted references

• David Pollack – Realignment
• Allister Quilon – Sketches of Youth
• Token – Mindstate

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About Jon Henshaw

Composer | Moon Rock Sound | USA | Washington

Creative, self-motivated audio engineer with 15+ years’ experience in live and studio settings. Interest in audio technology and its implementation drives a desire to expand into an industry developing with and alongside these technologies. Experience in education fosters communication between people without specialized audio knowledge. Committed to embracing moments that allow growth by quickly learning new skills, tactics, and software to lead teams toward realizing their unique artistic visions.

Studied music and production at New England Conservatory, Bristol Studios, University of Vermont, Berklee College of Music, and with Duncan Lorien. Now a freelance producer, vetting and developing musical artist clients as Executive Producer for full album projects. Currently expanding into the tech/gaming sector.

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