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About Joseph N Magee

Re-recording mixer | Joseph Magee | USA | New York

Like most professional on this website, I am completely obsessed with audio. From film post production, to live sound mixing and music production, I have a deep interest in the discipline. I started drumming at a very young age, and as a teenager became obsessed with electronic music and production. I am now primarily focused on audio post production, and have a small but growing list of editing and mixing credits on films, television shows and advertisements. Like most audio post production professionals, my scope is wide and I am as interested and skilled in editing and design as I am in mixing. I am based in Brooklyn and have a growing network of studios that I work with. I also have a large sound library and the latest industry standard software, including Protools HD, Izotope RX 7 and a vast array of crucial plug ins. I am interested in using Soundlister as an opportunity to expand my network and work with new and exciting filmmakers and content creators. I look forward to collaborating!

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2015 Oberlin College

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