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Sound artist, sound designer, re-recording mixer, sound mixer

Highlighted references

• Canal Encuentro
• Càmeres i Acció

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About Juan Manuel Castrillo

Field recordist | Argentina

Juan M. Castrillo is a sound technician and sound artist from Jujuy (Argentina) currently based in Barcelona (Spain). He graduated as Sound Technician from La Metro Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación Audiovisual (Argentina), holds a master degree of Sound Art and Artistic Mediation (Art for Social Transformation, Social Inclusion, and Community Development) both from the University of Barcelona (Spain).

Juan has worked for short films, feature films, tv documentary series, theatre productions, etc. as a sound/dialogue editor, on location sound recordist, re-recording mixer, and sound designer. In his artwork, there is a focus on exploring sound’s agency within processes of political or social struggle. He uses the field recordings of oral testimonies, protests, popular expressions, etc. to compose cultural objects which are presented in the form of concerts or installations.

He is the founder of Earwitness label and has published albums in Gruenrekorder (DEU), Impulsive Habitat (PRT), TiConzero (ITA), South America Electronics (ARG), among others.

He presented his work at: Le Consortium Center d’Art Contemporain (Dijon, France), Phonophon (Frankfurt, Germany), International Annual Experimental Music Meeting LEM (Barcelona, ​​Spain), II International Congress of Anthropology AIBR (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Signal Festival X (Sardinia, Italy), Arts Center Santa Mónica (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Convent Sant Agustì Civic Center (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Sala Paraninfo (University of Barcelona, ​​Spain), Hangar (Barcelona, ​​Spain), Teatro Principal de Valencia (Valencia, Spain), Escola d’Art i Disseny of Reus (Tarragona, Spain), Cultural Center Spain Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Recoleta Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Emilio Caraffa Museum (Córdoba, Argentina), etc.


Year School Course
2007 La Metro Escuela de Diseño y Comunicación Audiovisual Sound Technician
2016 University of Barcelona Master of Sound Art
2018 University of Barcelona Master of Art for Social Transformation, Social Inclusion and Community Development: Artistic Mediation

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