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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Game Audio Direction, Implementation, Interactive Music, Sound Design

Highlighted references

β€’ Quadroids, Blue Loop
β€’ Strings (short film)
β€’ Home Valley, Ingames

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About Juan Schweizer

Audio director | Ark One Studios | Argentina

Juan Schweizer is an Argentine Composer that has been playing, composing and arranging music since he was 16 years old. From metal to orchestral music, and rock to electronic, Juan has written many hours of music for films and video games, and leads Ark One Studios’ Audio Division. The composition and implementation of Interactive Music for Video Games is his greatest passion.
He’s the Co-founder, Creative Director and Producer of an Argentine Symphonic Orchestra, and also arranges and orchestrates music for regional and international orchestras.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Brightstone Combo Master Studios Audio Director, Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Implementation
2020 Spin Jones Vibra Gaming Audio Director, Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Implementation
2020 Home Valley Ingames Audio Director, Composer
2021 Strings Mariano Torres Negri Composer, Sound Mix
2021 El Mariachi Vibra Gaming Audio Director
2020 Ark One Studios’ Teaser Ark One Studios Composer, Sound Designer
2021 Clovers Fantasy Vibra Gaming Audio Director
2023 Quadroids Blue Loop Audio Director

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