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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Composing, Middlewares, Game Design*, Sound Designer/Editor/Master, C#

Highlighted references

• Chickó, Not a Buffalo
• Star com você, 2º Prize (SPJAM2016)

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Audio director | Not a Buffalo | Brazil

Since childhood involved with music, choir, and amount of instruments, I devoloped a musical look that gave me experiencies with music production and pre production, from composition, recording in professional studios, editing to mixing and mastering.

Degree in Game Design, I began to see music and sound from design perspective.

My process is to use design knowledge, music and audio to create sound proposals that capture, such as photography, the player’s experience.

Nowadays, I am specializing myself in harmony and professional backing vocal singing, with some works on TV and theaters.


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Chickó Not a Buffalo Sound Director
2016 Star com você SPJAM2016 Sound Diretor, Game Designer
2015 Don’t Kill the Knight Penguin Spot Games Composer
2014 Connec Standalic Entertainment Sound Director, Game Designer


Year Award Awarded for
2016 2º PRIZE Best Game/Audio of SPJAM2016


Year School Course
2012 Anhembi Morumbi University – Laurete International Universities Game Design Bachelor’s Degree.
2016 CFCA – Curso de formação em Canto (Education in Singing) Musical class with emphasis in Harmonization anda Backing Vocal, ministered by Dr. Blacy Gulfier.

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