Specializes in:

Dialogue / ADR

Other skills

Sound Effects, Mixing, Special SFX, AudioDramas

Highlighted references

• Client: “Pearltail” Author MA Burk. audiobook promotional chapter.
• In Collaboration with Animator, Alexander Hollings. “Sonic Swapping MICS” parody cartoon. Writer,audio director and producer.

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Audio director | USA | North Carolina

I am an aspiring professional audio director/producer with a huge passion for storytelling and audio/video editing.
I first got myself into the world of general audio editing and audio-dramas practically 10 years ago now in 2010 when I started doing fan-made series for popular video game characters. At first this was just something I did for fun, Little did I know how my doing these kinds of things would awaken a great passion and improvement in these skills! I’ve graduated with a Bachelors in Multimedia Studies and I am hoping and holding out for some better chance at opportunities in doing what I love and making income with it as well.
When it comes to an audio-project, I am more than capable in scouting and casting some great voice talent for characters, direct them when needed, edit dialogue, locate and mix the appropriate background music/sound effects that are usually 90% royalty-free, as well as record some of my own foley sound effects on occasion. The most recent example of this type of work I’ve done would be an original audiodrama short-story series I just started on my Youtube channel titled “Whump World”. I’d be more than happy to help out the audio team in any sort of production, so please do not hesitate to contact me!


Year School Course
2015 Florida Atlantic Unversity Multimedia Studies

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